Welcome to Ionraic Triathlon Club (Ionraic: Gaelic adj. honest, sincere. With integrity). Located in Buffalo, NY.

Thank You for your interest in our club! We are located in Buffalo, NY and participate in group time trial rides on Grand Island and Open Water Swims at Wilkinson Pointe. Ionraic Triathlon Club (ITC) is open to all levels of triathlon along with multisport events. You don’t have to be a triathlete to join- maybe you are just looking for a way to be outside and active this upcoming season, that’s cool with us too!

2023 Board Members

Co-Presidents: Sarah Ruppert & Emilie Jacobs
Secretary – Patrick Pierce
Treasurer – Linda Haas

Board Directors: Kim Chinquee (apparel), Jane Wright & Keith Vona

All posts, photos, 2023 Community Partner donations, time trial results, location for ITC rides, bricks, information about kits are listed on our MEMBERS ONLY page on FACEBOOK.  Thank you for your interest in our triathlon club. We are also active on our new PUBLIC Instagram page which can be found at: @ionraic_triathlon_club

Interested in Joining?? Our membership is $35.00 per year for an individual, and $50.00 per year for a family with up to 4 people. Please click the link below to register:


For more information, please reach out to Emilie Jacobs (emiliebjacobs@gmail.com) or Sarah Ruppert (sarahschaefer06@gmail.com). Thank you for your interest!

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Ionraic’s Tour de Force in Geneva, NY

As a club we could not be more happy and proud of our members and their participation last season.   There were a lot of first-timers and even a few podiums at the season opener Keuka Lake Triathlon, then a huge turnout at our own Porter XXX Tri/Du and Family Picnic (thanks to all for being so generous with donations – we got our Ionraic tent!  There was a great  turn out at a Tri in the Buff (can ya tell how much we LOVE Score-This and their races?).That was well and good, but the weekend of July 14th & 15th of 2012 came and went but not without triathletes at every level.  They descended on Geneva NY for the Musselman Triathlon where over THIRTY members participated!! – yes, count them, 30! – Ionraic Triathletes will continue to participate in 2013 races – most shooting for Keuka, the Tupper Lake half and also the 1/2 iron distance Musselman race.

You all had tons of fans cheering for you both on and off the course! KEEP in mind that we each get to define our own idea of  ‘competition’ – but for all we hope it ends with you happy as hell heading down the finishing chute knowing there’s likely a friendly face waiting for you with a warm smile and a cold beer.  Let’s go 2013.  Thanks to all the Ionraic members for signing on and showing up – we couldn’t have done year 2012 without you!

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The Ionraic Pool

 Click to enlarge
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Happy New Year!

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Getting Started: Ionraic Triathlon Club training blog

Getting Started: Ionraic Triathlon Club training blog

As we start the New Year club members have been clamoring for some training plans, tips, schedules, and just plain advice.

We will start a new link, Training, in which we can hopefully deliver what you will need to accomplish your goal for the coming year.

First let me say none of the board members, who will be the ones offering advice, are coaches of any kind. That being said, it has always been my belief and training method to watch and listen to people that have accomplished what I wanted to do; they having been there, done that is powerful evidence of any method being successful.

I also always believed that a club, with members paying dues with the expressed goal of completing a certain race or races, be the distributer of the needed knowledge since we see, on a daily or weekly basis the members as they are before, during and after training and racing, and therefore are in a better position to evaluate how their individual training is going.

It doesn’t seem reasonable that any program can be right for everyone; there is just too much diversity with member’s family and work considerations, goal races they have picked, and different talent levels. For all training to work it must be individualized, thereby making online programs, or trying to keep up with someone else, not necessarily right for you.

First let me say there is a lot of time. It is the end of the year; a time to rest, decide on a goal race or two, heal up the nagging injuries we all have and enjoy the Holidays.

My first tip is that thru reading, talking and personal experience that when training, “most athletes” (there is always a caveat!) after 16-20 weeks will notice a drop in performance due to fatigue. If you plan your goal race within those times, and take a little break for a week or two, you then can start right back up pushing your training.

Living where we do, and starting in earnest in April, most of us will peak around mid August. For me I become very sluggish about the end of August/beginning of September.

It is a challenge to race well all year, and do as many races as we can fit in, but if you pick an A race or two, and the others plan to do well but not necessarily PR, you will have a more consistent and injury free year.

Many members are gearing to do their first half July 15th, the Musselman. Counting back 16-20 weeks starts us at March 15th at the latest, and February 15th at the earliest. Too LATE you say! Why no, because we are all training as we speak! Just because you are not anaerobic all the time doesn’t mean you’re not accomplishing things for your body. Relax; run easy, start doing rides on the trainer, swim hard but not every session, and work on your weaknesses.

1. Pick goal races
2. Do not do too much too soon
3. Heal current injuries
4. Work on particular weaknesses
5. Goal is to be ready to start working hard when you get to the 20 week from your race point.

P.S. These are my opinions. There will be a lot of opinions expresses herein by other members. You are also free to consult books, blogs, and any other training methods and opinions you come across, and please put them up for discussion as even I don’t know it all! I think it will be great to have a really good thread going throughout the year. I hope that the text of this will be on the web page, but we will discuss it on the FB member’s only site.

Submitted by Tony Garrow V.P.

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An Ionraic Christmas Video

Happy Holidays from the Ionraic Triathlon Club!

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Happy Holidays from the Ionraic Triathlon Club!

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Laurie McGorry, future 70.3 age-group and Ironman champion

Laurie McGorry, future 70.3 age-group and Ironman champion demonstrating excellent swimming technique

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Welcome Flying Bison Brewing Company

Flying Bison Brewing Company. We are honored and fortunate to have you on board!

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The official launch

Wednesday, December 7th, 6:30PM at Brennan’s 4401 Transit Rd. Click here for directions.

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