TT #4 – June 19 2014


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TT #3 – June 06, 2014


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TT #2 – May 22,2014


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May 8, 2014 Time Trial Results


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Announcing our 2015 Community Partner

The Ionraic Triathlon Club strives to support our members to achieve their personal fitness goals while having fun!  We also understand the need to contribute to the greater good of the community in which we all live, work and play.  Our club was founded on this notion and each year we will raise money, create awareness, promote and support a community organization or cause that has affected or is inspired by our members.

We are happy to announce that our 2015 Non-Profit Partner

Our 2015  Community Partner is

See more about our selection of Summit and our annual commitment to a community organization on our Community Partners page.

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ITC Year in Review



ITC 2013: A Year In Review by Kim Chinquee

 At Ionraic (what is that?) we swim bike run, sprint Olympic distance Ironman. Our mantra: community, integrity, persevere. The year starts with Flying Bison, loving friends, raising funds for SABAH, skating bold at heart: through Jon Metz at Trivault, manning finishes, feeling spirits with our Joe. Rutowski. Volunteers. Tri in the Buff and ECC. Anonymous, anonymous anonymous.

 We thank you. And we ride. For Roswell, raise ten thousand. Then there’s John Marranca, our sweetest sport—his mom Sam helps to help the helpers for the thousands. Runners! And John makes Gatorade! Quenching thirsts, athletes drenching, sweat. Then Trybalski, Broulliard are at it, giving us free tris so we can picnic. Bonfires, cookouts, we find Wanakah, beach with purple sunsets. Wanakah, Wanakah, Wanakah.

 We swim, then go against it. Touch the ground. Breaking ground breaking rocks. Ionraic.

 Mary Lou makes yummy cookies. Try them.

 Swim with Brad. And eat. At the Swannie House, he’s Bradley, and he’s full of baloney.

 Time trials at Grand Island meet on octave level. Times six is 48. We ITC. Wind and rain on our cycling faces. There are times we fall. Skinning knees and breaking more than kneecaps. We pick each other, keep each other. Up.

 We do our best at saving lives. We do our best at moving forward.

 When it is time, we stand in line. With our sometimes wetsuits. Swimming caps and goggles. Hear the beep, we cross the line. We take the plunge.

 Oh, Tony and Diane. We thank you. Secretaries changing from our Eric to our Joe. We thank you, thank you, thank you.

 We swim bike run, sprint Olympic distance, Ironman and half. Yes, you, we can. Community, integrity, persevere. Ionraic, Ionraic, Ionraic.

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Time Trial Results


Week #2 is in the books! Thanks to all who came out and braved the rain, Ed for timely results again and a great cookout!!

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